• 3 Semester hours :: Learn about boys, their nature, learning styles and brain development to create a boy-friendly literacy environment, good for boys, and good for girls, too!
  • 3 Semester hours :: An activity based professional development course focusing on practical understanding and application of the goals of the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects and your teaching practices, K-12.
  • 3 Semester hours :: The best way to motivate students to read is to be a reader yourself! This professional development course for teachers K-12 focuses on the heart of independent reading.
  • 3 Semester hours :: Teach "revision" as a creative activity by using mentor texts as co-teachers of writing. A powerful professional development course that supports the interrelationship of reading and writing.
  • 3 Semester hours :: In this professional development course for teachers, indulge your passion for reading good books by good authors. Choose an author to study. Delve into the works of an author to study their life and their writing. Transfer these connections to the reader and writer in your classroom to create authentic purposes for reading and writing.
  • 3 Semester hours :: Inspire, inform and energize your teaching practice through reading professional materials of your choice. A professional development course for teachers that is all about professional development - your way!
  • 1, 2, or 3 Semester hours :: Read aloud to inspire the reluctant and struggling reader. Build content knowledge through reading aloud complex texts. This professional development course will show you how to make time in your busy teaching day to include this valuable learning activity.
  • 3 Semester hours :: Explore the world of literary nonfiction and informational texts and how you can use nonfiction in your classroom to motivate student’s reading and writing. A perfect professional development course for teachers to meet the increased demands for using nonfiction in the K-12 classroom.
  • 3 Semester hours :: Explore the rich use of picture books for any classroom K-12 to build content knowledge, vocabulary, informational reading and use as mentor texts for writing. A professional development course for teachers that will energize and uplift you.


  • 3 Semester hours :: Live like a writer to teach like a writer. Professional development in vivo!
  • 3 Semester hours :: Empower your professional development by being a teacher researcher. Choose an educational topic to research. Become an expert through reading, writing and critical analysis. Write a paper, create a project or conduct a study. Contribute to the filed of education. Share with others. Think about publishing.
  • 3 Semester hours :: Boys love to write when you appeal to their interests, humor and desire for power, action and competency. Learn how, in this practical, hand's on professional development course focused on boys and built for teachers.
  • 3 Semester hours :: Explore a variety of creative nonfiction writing strategies to craft the writing of family histories and connect the value of personal story to history. Get students hooked on writing personal and family narratives. This is a professional development course for teachers with a personal touch!
  • 3 Semester hours :: Explore writing through creative journaling strategies using art, music and photographs. Professional development for teachers with a creative touch, good for you and good for your students, too!
  • 3 Semester hours :: In this professional development course for teachers, learn key strategies for motivating writing in your classroom K-12 through autobiographical applications. Telling your story is where it all starts. Use photographs, memories and writing prompts to personalize history, and the writing process.

Courses for Personal
& Professional Growth

  • 3 Semester hours :: Empower yourself with effective conflict and confrontation strategies in this personal and professional development course designed specifically for teachers.
  • 1 or 2 Semester hours :: You deserve the best. This professional development course for teachers will help you create time, energy and balance in your personal and professional life. When you take care of YOU first, you have more to give to others.

Book Study