• These are fun and useful professional development courses and I have recommended them to my colleagues. Thank you for your feedback and for offering these independent study classes; they were exactly what I was looking for.

    – Mary Gibbs, PA –

  • I can’t tell you how happy I am for these two courses (Improving Writing Skills through Autobiographical Application and Improving Writing Skills through Writing Family Histories) you have created! I bought them as a birthday present for myself for self-healing and for recertification.

    – Teresa Martinez, CO –

  • I know in the few times that I have called, you always say, “Hello, this is Anne,” and immediately any tension that a student may have to a professor will disappear. I have said my praises to you about the course work many times in my writings.  It has been a creative process, a most beneficial and enjoyable process.  You have made a difference. Thank you.

    – Richard Bueller, CO –

  • Thank you for all the work you put into creating the course.  It was a super experience.

    – Martha Castaneda, TX –

  • Thank you for your quality feedback and getting my work back to me so quickly! I enjoyed the course and look forward to taking more classes that you offer.

    – Jarred Ratzlaff, CO –

  • It has been lovely getting to know you via email.  You write with a very beautiful voice!  I sincerely appreciate your guidance and have enjoyed your class very much.  Thank you for inspiring me.

    – Hallie Kohn, WI –

  • I hope you continue to develop English courses as I plan on taking just about everything you create.  I have enjoyed your classes and have recommended you to several other teachers. Thanks again for the effort that you put into these professional development learning opportunities.

    – Larry Hansen, CO –

  • Your classes really make me examine how I can best use my love of reading in teaching every day!

    – Judi Wright, CO –

  • One of the best features of taking Creative Journaling is that I now have new ideas that I can take to my classroom and use with my students. I am excited to approach journaling with a new and improved attitude! I am also inspired to continue journaling on my own! Bravo, Anne, for creating another award-winning class!

    – Jean Kernodle, CO –

  • Thank you for the outstanding structure of this professional development course.  I am completely honest when I say that I learned more from taking this class than any other situation that I could have imagined.  I think the primary reason for this was that it was on my time at my pace.  Every time that I picked up the workbook, it was because I was ready to do so (which can be difficult during the summer).  Likewise, the direction of my focus was also something that I controlled.  Again, thanks.  I will definitely return the next time I need to obtain Continued Education credits for renewal of my teaching certificate.

    – Mark Wassa, WI –

  • I have had an absolutely wonderful summer working through my three courses for you (Good Books, Good Authors; Time to Read; and Using Picture Books K-12).  Thank you so much for putting together such a wonderful program, which has already helped me immensely in my planning for the upcoming school year.

    – Jean Cureton, TN –

  • I feel as though I really needed the sort of reflection that this class (Self-Care and Renewal) offered as I go through the many changes I am currently experiencing in my life.

    – Geoff LaPlant, CO –