Writing Strategies for Boys

3 Semester hours :: Boys love to write when you appeal to their interests, humor and desire for power, action and competency. Learn how, in this practical, hand's on professional development course focused on boys and built for teachers.
Course Description:

Writing strategies tailored for boy’s interests and learning style preferences based on findings from research that are good for girls, too. Develop authentic purposeful writing tasks that help boys pursue an interest, gather information to be competent and honor their love for action, power and humor. Strategies to motivate boys to write “more”, include detail, and respond to assessment will be addressed. This professional development course for teachers will give you a compendium of practical writing activities and strategies that you can use in your teaching K-12. Meets Common Core State Standards.

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Course Testimonials:
This class has been a wonderful learning experience for me. I have learned the importance of knowing my students and finding materials that they are interested in writing about. The idea that boys do not see themselves as good writers, but want to be good writers is an encouraging sign to me. The idea of having a boy friendly writing curriculum is something that is not hard to create and one that I believe will raise our test scores. I also believe that we can also improve boy’s attitude towards writing by giving the boys more choices to write about subjects that they are interested in. This course has taught me ways which I can teach my students the joy of writing.
Everett Ewing
My goal when I registered for Writing Strategies for Boys was to continue learning how to work with my male students to bring out their writing talent. I believe I have accomplished that goal. The added bonus that I received was a writing community that made writing a social process that helped me tap into my own voice and creativity. I was able to write with my students. This has been a semester where goals were exceeded, not just accomplished. This is true both personally and professionally.
Carolyn Sinclair
Wow, what a great course! I really feel inspired . . . I have tried so many of your suggestions, but want to try more and want to really incorporate them in my classroom.I have written in, highlighted, and sticky noted my book from this class. I know I will refer back to it! Whenever I begin to doubt myself or feel that I am not motivating a student or need some new ideas . . . it will be in my arsenal of tools and I know I will use it often! I can’t wait to be back in the classroom full-time because there is so much I need to share. Thanks so much for everything.
June Doty
Course Evaluations:
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