Using Picture Books K-12

3 Semester hours :: Explore the rich use of picture books for any classroom K-12 to build content knowledge, vocabulary, informational reading and use as mentor texts for writing. A professional development course for teachers that will energize and uplift you.
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Explore the sophistication and versatility of picture books in this powerful professional development course for teachers K-12 that will knock your socks off!  High quality picture books in both literary and informational texts are a rich resource of short texts, provide a variety of text structure and elements through visualization and highly crafted language. Quality crafted picture books engage readers of all ages from the pre-reader to adult. Picture books can be used to enhance any content area and any literacy skill – introduce content, build background, establish a foundation of knowledge, create a rich resource of vocabulary, analyze text structure, word choice, and meaning, and offer a variety of curriculum opportunities for developing reading and writing skills. Meet the Common Core State Standards in Reading.

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Course Testimonials:
Do you know what I love about taking Using Picture Books? I love how you share information and make these classes a personal journey. I would have never known I already possess a resource for finding a list of picture books for social studies. I would love to try picture books in my literature circles.
Stacy Andrews
I just have to thank you so much. Using Picture Books, like the rest of your courses, has been useful and relevant. I think as a veteran teacher, I sometimes think there isn't that much more out there to learn, but your courses manage to validate some of my teaching and also have taught me so many new things!
Jamie Harrington
Thank you for the outstanding structure of this course, Using Picture Books. I am completely honest when I say that I learned more from taking this class than any other situation that I could have imagined. I think the primary reason for this was that it was on my time at my pace. Every time that I picked up the workbook, it was because I was ready to do so (which can be difficult during the summer). Likewise, the direction of my focus was also something that I controlled. Again, thanks.
Mark Wassa
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