Using Nonfiction to Motivate Reading and Writing

3 Semester hours :: Explore the world of literary nonfiction and informational texts and how you can use nonfiction in your classroom to motivate student’s reading and writing. A perfect professional development course for teachers to meet the increased demands for using nonfiction in the K-12 classroom.
Course Description:

Using Nonfiction to Motivate Reading and Writing, K-12 is content-based  professional development course for teachers, exploring the genre of nonfiction and informational texts and how you can use high quality literary nonfiction texts in your classroom to motivate student’s reading and writing. Discover resources for finding well-crafted nonfiction. Choose literary nonfiction to read from print and digital resources. Document your reading in a practical and useful reading log. Create lists of informational texts for read-alouds, text sets, paired texts, mentor texts and classroom application. Practical, useful and meets Common Core State Standards.


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Course Testimonials:
I found the content and activities to be meaningful practices that I will use in my classroom. Using Nonfiction, has really made me think differently about using nonfiction in my classroom. I feel like I will be able to share my realizations with my colleagues, especially in light of the fact that the Common Core is scaring some of our English teachers with its heavy emphasis on nonfiction. The how-to on giving a book talk was really helpful.
Ellen Foley
What a great course! I have become friends with the employees at the public library after spending a lot of time reading and researching children's books in the nonfiction section. I had no idea there were that many great nonfiction books. The information I learned will be very beneficial as I teach Read 180 and co-teach two English classes this coming school year. I am excited to use the "Paired Texts" assignment. What a great use of nonfiction and fiction books on the same topic. Thank you
Daren Sower
I love what you say about my assignments; it makes me feel so great! Thank you! It's easy to be excited about reading because I love it, and your classes really make me examine how I can best use my love of reading in teaching every day.
Judi Savala- Wright
Course Evaluations:
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