Time to Read

3 Semester hours :: The best way to motivate students to read is to be a reader yourself! This professional development course for teachers K-12 focuses on the heart of independent reading.
Course Description:

Every wish you could read the books you want to read and earn professional development credit? Well, here it is! A teacher who has a vast knowledge of literature creates a resource to inspire readers to reading.  Choose literature from the latest releases, to the classics; from children’s literature, young adult literature, adult literature, fiction, nonfiction, across subject matter and from any genre.  Share with others, create a meaningful annotated reading log and curriculum application that promotes reading habits.Feed the soul of the reader and learner within.

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Course Testimonials:
Reading for my own pleasure was always at the very bottom of my to do list before I took this class. Now that this class is over, I will take time to read by choosing to read for pleasure for 30 minutes each day. Over the course of this class I have made it a habit, so now it should just be a matter of sticking to it
Stefani Sullivan
While reading for this class, I’ve become more aware of my personal reading habits and have tried to incorporate these behaviors into my teaching. I’ve especially been aware of what I do and how I feel when I need to read something I either do not want to read or don’t understand because of the difficulty level. These are common barriers that many of my students face every day and as a literacy instructor, I need to find ways to eliminate these determinants to reading so that they can experience the pleasure of reading. I have made a personal goal of reading all Newbury books. Not only do I want to experience the literature myself; but by reading these books, I am hoping to find engaging and motivating novels that my students will want to read.
Caroline Farkouh
Time to Read helped me find books that I could use in the classroom while allowing me to read in subjects I wanted to read about. I now have books I can use for teaching animal habitats, social justice, history and all sorts of other things. Even the adult books can be used in the classroom. I was forced to look outside of the box in order to read things that were significant to me AND to students. What an absolute joy!
Kelleigh Ledgerwood
I know I LOVE to read. I do it daily – but from this class, I got that even making an extra hour or ½ hour to read a day—really makes me happy and sane. Without reading every day, it’s like a fish without water. To some, they don’t need to read. For me, it’s like breathing. I knew this before I started the class—but this class confirmed it.
Jennifer Hensley
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