Time to Read: Professional Materials

3 Semester hours :: Inspire, inform and energize your teaching practice through reading professional materials of your choice. A professional development course for teachers that is all about professional development - your way!
Course Description:

Don’t have time to keep up with all the great new professional reads for teaching? This professional development course gives you time to read professional materials. Choose professional books, web sites, and journals to read. Create a personalized reading log and reflective journal. Discuss your professional reading with your colleagues. Apply what you are learning to classroom applications. Develop a plan for continuing the habit of professional reading. Renew and energize your passion for teaching and learning.

Graduate Credit / Professional Development
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Colorado State University  
Certificate of Completion for Professional Development
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Course Testimonials:
This course, Time To Read: Professional Materials is perhaps the most meaningful course I have ever taken during my very long teaching career! I had stockpiled year’s worth of books and workbooks which I never seemed to find the time to read. This class gave me the structure I needed to make the time to read. I have really enjoyed incorporating what I have learned in my classroom. It was also reassuring to find that I knew more than I realized about math history. It has always been a strong belief of mine that math history needs to be taught along with the mathematics. Thank you for designing a course which is truly useful for educators.
Carol Blechschmidt
It was so helpful to be able to customize my reading material to my needs, and the course gave me the structure to take the time to read everything carefully and pause to reflect.
Debbie Petzrick
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