Teacher as Researcher

3 Semester hours :: Empower your professional development by being a teacher researcher. Choose an educational topic to research. Become an expert through reading, writing and critical analysis. Write a paper, create a project or conduct a study. Contribute to the filed of education. Share with others. Think about publishing.
Course Description:

Teacher as Researcher offers you the opportunity to research a current issue in education, develop a thesis and share with others. Choose an educational topic that captures your interest and your passion. Choose a question, a theory, or an idea you would like to develop. It might be a best practice in curriculum and instruction, a way to deepen your content knowledge, an exploration of effective classroom management techniques, a way to use and apply technology in the classroom, or ways to meet specific student learning needs. Explore the arena of educational theories, policies, standards, assessments or teacher evaluation practices.   Choose a topic, write a thesis statement, review the research literature, and critically analyze the findings. Present your insights in a paper or create a project. Summarize and synthesize your findings. Consider sharing your research and knowledge with others; send your paper to an educational journal for publication, teach a staff inservice or make a presentation at a conference. This is professional development for teachers at its best.  Meets Common Core State Standards.



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Course Testimonials:
Researching children’s sensory picture books became sort of a passion for me after witnessing first hand their importance in the classroom with special needs students. It makes me wish I could have used them more effectively in my own classroom all those years. I hope that if I am ever involved in another research project it would be in an area that I would feel as strongly about and be as vested. It was a lot of fun and quite enjoyable.
Mike Simpson
I enjoyed the research tremendously. (Granted, I am one of those weird people who likes this sort of thing). I found it very satisfying to make connections between names, sources, and ideas and begin to feel that I had a good grasp of the information available on my chosen topic. It was also satisfying to be able to draw on my prior knowledge to understand the material and refine what I already knew about the topic.
Carrie Kleckler
At times as I read through research I would think, “Hey, I already do that” and feel good about how I run my counseling program. At other times I’d read something and think, “How the heck am I supposed to do that, too?” So the research process was just a whirlwind of emotions for me. Although the results of my research did not take me where I had hoped, I am still glad that I went through this process. If anything, it made me realize even more how much I enjoy working directly with kids
Julie Comstock
Overall, my research demanded a lot of intention and it was very intense. Therefore, I feel a sense of accomplishment. I’m very proud of myself and my students.
Nicole Perkins
Course Evaluations:
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