Self-Care & Renewal for Teachers

1 or 2 Semester hours :: You deserve the best. This professional development course for teachers will help you create time, energy and balance in your personal and professional life. When you take care of YOU first, you have more to give to others.
Course Description:

Professional development that focuses on you, the teacher professional, and how vital it is to  renew your energy and passion for teaching and learning. YOU matter. Create balance in your personal and professional life. Using the online text, The Journey to Self-Renewal you will navigate four trails of self-renewal: The Trail of Awareness, The Trail of Insight: Making Time and Setting Limits, The Trail of Discovery: Managing Stress and Change and The Trail of Application: Passing it on. Read, journal and experience through chosen activities how to take charge of your life. Pass on these life skills to your students and colleagues. Discover the paradox of self-care and renewal …the better you take care of YOU, the more you have to give to others.  This course is available for 1 or 2 semester credit hours.

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Course Testimonials:
As I write this final journey I’m a little sad it’s ending, however I realize it’s really just the beginning.I have learned how to manage my time better. I have also learned to be more mindful of what is urgent, important and not important. I feel like I have more time now for my family and myself. Thank you Anne for going though this journey with me! I appreciate your advice and words of wisdom along the way. I feel better than I have in a long time!
Sara Randall
I am so empowered right now by the tools I have acquired along my journey that I am comfortable, finally, with who I am professionally and personally. I want to keep on my journey and see where it takes me next. I am excited to go to work and don’t press the “snooze” button every 10 minutes. I have found a new sense of fulfillment and am so excited about the things I have learned. Thank you for this course, it truly saved my life.
Andrea Huff
I so enjoyed this course and learned valuable life skills from it. I thank you so much. More than that however, I always felt like you got the heart of what I was trying to say. You are a kindred spirit and I will miss sharing insights with you and learning from your responses.
Laurie Jeske
Anne, Thank you SO much! I really appreciated and enjoyed reading your comments. I learned from them too and laughed...I like how it felt like we were talking through them. I loved your idea of putting my worries in a God bag ( I am for sure doing that) I hope to take what you have taught me throughout my life and for sure with me next year as I enter the classroom again!
Anita Hasenkampf
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