Read-Aloud! Motivate the Reluctant and Struggling Reader

1, 2, or 3 Semester hours :: Read aloud to inspire the reluctant and struggling reader. Build content knowledge through reading aloud complex texts. This professional development course will show you how to make time in your busy teaching day to include this valuable learning activity.
Course Description:

Based on substantive research, reading aloud is the single most influential way to spark a student’s interest, inspire reading and writing, and improve scores on reading and writing tests. Struggling readers, reluctant readers, nonreaders, and fluent readers benefit from hearing rich, provocative language, the fluency and flow of sentences, the weave of the story, the organization of informational text, before they can read it, before they can write it. Use read aloud to introduce students to more complex texts than they can read independently. Use this professional development course for teachers to choose and collect read aloud texts from fiction and nonfiction that are purposeful and meaningful for your content area and the reader and writer in your classroom. Meets Common Core State Standards.

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Course Testimonials:
I am happy that I discovered the audio books that I listened to for this class. I think it was also important for me to "practice" reading aloud after hearing all of the other narrators and after reading the helpful hints in the workbook. Ever since I took this class, I have been so motivated to read aloud books with passion. It is so much fun, especially when I see the children's response.
Betty Klemm
My struggling readers find that they look for things to read that are similar to the books read in class or book talked about. I can only see the good I do for students who struggle to continue to improve. Motivation is truly the key no matter what form it takes as long as it gets them reading.
Cyndie Stanley
I love the feedback that you provided and the fact that I can actually use what you taught me. Thank you again!
Kimberly Coultis
Course Evaluations:
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