On Writing: Writing for the Writer and Non-Writer

3 Semester hours :: Live like a writer to teach like a writer. Professional development in vivo!
Course Description:

Whether you love writing or hate writing, this course is for YOU, the teacher as writer and the teacher of writing. Discover, recover and support the writer in you through living the life of a writer. Develop and strengthen your writing skills in this content-based course. Improve your writing skills through practicing elements of good writing supported by the writing masters, E.B.White, Don Murray, William Zinsser, Ralph Fletcher and others. Experiment with a variety of genres and styles and writing approaches.  Create a writing portfolio to include a writer’s notebook, writer’s journal, planning, drafts and revisions. Produce and publish one piece of writing to share with others. You will find the writer in you is alive and well and responds to nurturing.  This content-based professional development course will help you be a better writer and teacher/coach of writing.  Meets Common Core State Standards.

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Course Testimonials:
I have wonderful memories of spending last summer completing work for your courses. I haven't forgotten how tired I was after spending hours each day sitting at this computer composing responses to your assignments! But the experience was so remarkably rewarding that it has truly enriched my life. You helped me to rediscover why I chose to teach English: I love to read and write. Plus, what I learned from completing your assignments helped me to improve my teaching...after more than 30 years. Thank you for putting so much of yourself into what you do. You make a difference.
Martha Castañeda
This class was a wonderful experience and I am very excited to personally and professionally apply the new and rediscovered writing strategies and techniques. Thank you for your time with me.
Delcine DelMonico
Over the duration of this course I have gained a remarkable amount of insight about myself and my writing. All of the requirements for the course have forced me to become more passionate and respectful toward the writing craft. Most importantly, the process has become the focus of my writing, as it has allowed me to visit unchartered places with my thoughts and ideas.
Melissa Singleton
Course Evaluations:
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