Improving Writing Skills through Autobiographical Application

3 Semester hours :: In this professional development course for teachers, learn key strategies for motivating writing in your classroom K-12 through autobiographical applications. Telling your story is where it all starts. Use photographs, memories and writing prompts to personalize history, and the writing process.
Course Description:

Harness the power of memoir writing to write your story and motivate writing in the classroom.   Use photographs  and writing prompts to recall the stories of your life. Personalize history and improve the writing process through using effective writing techniques, well-chosen details, and traits of good writing. Explore a variety of writing genres, organization and styles to write autobiographical stories. Practice the writing process- planning, revising, editing and rewriting.  Interact and collaborate with others to gather research and information. Prepare a photo essay or a scrapbook of stories either digitally or in print to share with others.Take what you learn from this professional development course for teachers into your classroom, to motivate and teach sutdents to write creative nonfiction. Use your stories as mentor texts for writing in your teaching of writing, K-12.   Meets Common Core State Standards in Writing.

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Colorado State University
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Course Testimonials:
Improving Writing Skills through Autobiographical Applications helped me clarify vague chapters of my life. The family research enabled me to trace my loved ones, and Anne provided outstanding guidance. This writing model would work exceptionally well for K-12, since the learner is engaged due to the focus on memories and pictures.
Barb D'Albey, Ph.D.
Thank you so much for your help and guidance. I feel like I learned quite a bit in working through the class, and, believe it or not, my Sweetheart is beginning to write little stories of his growing-up too. See what a great teacher you are? As you are teaching others, you are also teaching through others.
Mur Hiltenbrand
I truly did enjoy the autobiography writing, maybe more so than all of the other classes I’ve taken through Adams State. I’ve always told students to write what they know. Writing about oneself is an easy way to do that. Being placed in the position of student, I had an authentic learning experience that I could pass on to my high school students. The strategies taught in the course provide many effective approaches to evoke specific meaningful memories. Photos of my grandparents’ kitchen brought back rich details of a formative period of my life. I was able to bring to life a time long forgotten populated by family and neighbors, many of whom passed away long ago. I zoomed in and focused on meaningful details of my life instead of giving a chronological overview that could have been anybody’s life. By passing along these strategies, our students are now able to focus on the meaningful details of their pasts and bring to life the laughs, tears, people, and places that makes their lives uniquely their own
John Beckwith
Complete satisfaction...these are the words I use to describe my educational experience with Dr. Anne's classes. The convenience of the independent study coursework, the applicability (of the activities) to my classroom and the feedback from Dr. Anne created an meaningful and lasting impression. This was particularly evident when I enrolled in Improving Writing Skills through Autobiographical Applications. To make the coursework even more personally rewarding yet useful for my classroom, Dr. Anne allowed me to mold the assignments to fit my overall vision for the class. As with the other classes I have completed, this flexibility was greatly appreciated
Jasen Thompson
Course Evaluations:
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