Dealing with Conflict and Confrontation

3 Semester hours :: Empower yourself with effective conflict and confrontation strategies in this personal and professional development course designed specifically for teachers.
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Every teacher deals with conflict and confrontation, but not every one feels comfortable or confident about their skills. This professional development course for teachers offers you easy to learn, effective strategies to deal with conflict and confrontation in your everyday personal and professional life. Practice cognitive-behavior modification strategies, assertiveness skills, listening and communication skills, mediation and problem solving skills.  Know when to engage and when to let go of conflict. Practice strategies that empower you such as setting boundaries, knowing who owns the problem, negotiation skills and focusing on solutions rather than problems. Learn to welcome conflict and confrontation as opportunities to grow instead of situations to fear and avoid.

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Course Testimonials:
I just want to share with you how life changing this class has been for me. I wanted to take it for a few years, but didn’t think they would give me credit since it is not about curriculum, but I took it for me this summer. The chapter about how to talk back when you are under the fire of criticism is life changing. I am more aware of when I talk passively and how to change that, and how to deal with people when they are coming at me aggressively. What they have to say is not necessarily the truth. I have a goal of changing my communication to being assertive. Hopefully, the person I speak with can learn to move to that as well with win/win being the goal. My negative self-talk is becoming more apparent, and in changing that, I am changing my whole perspective of who I am. I am giving myself a break. Perfectionism is the enemy not me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the lessons in this class. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the lessons in this class.
Debra Roumas
I learned throughout this course that confrontation is a part of everyday life that needs to be treated with a certain respect in order for it to be handled correctly. I also learned that there are many different ways we can deal with confrontation. Not all of the ways I have been using are the most appropriate and this course has allowed me to explore other alternatives that will definitely be more useful.I enjoyed working with the loop activity as well as the problem solution assignment. Both of these activities gave me a chance to reflect and look at conflicts from both perspectives so as not to jump to conclusions about the issues without having a good handle on what was true and false.
Jim Westerberg
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