Creative Journaling

3 Semester hours :: Explore writing through creative journaling strategies using art, music and photographs. Professional development for teachers with a creative touch, good for you and good for your students, too!
Course Description:

Creative Journaling is a content-based professional development course focused on the teacher as writer and the teacher of writing. Explore a variety of journal writing strategies using the arts (art, music and photographs) to practice and develop effective writing skills. Develop voice, choice and a love for playing with language. Experience the therapeutic value of journal writing as well as encourage the writer within to flourish in a non-judgmental writing format. Create an authentic, meaningful journal. Use creative journaling techniques in your classroom to motivate the reluctant and non-writer. A very popular professional development course. Meets Common Core State Standards.

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Colorado State University
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Course Testimonials:
Wow! Thank you so much!!! I THOROUGHLY enjoyed this course, Creative Journaling. It has COMPLETELY changed my classroom! My students have all brought in writing journals and we write every day now to start class.
Tasha Cordero
Thank you for your quality feedback and getting my work back to me so quickly! I enjoyed the course, Creative Journaling, and look forward to taking more classes that you offer.
Jarred Ratzlaff
It has been a true blessing to write to you and get feedback on my thoughts and words in Creative Journaling. I truly believe this class came to me when I needed it the most. Journal writing is definitely apart of who I am as a teacher. Thank you for showing me how to take risks with my students. Thank you for bringing the gift of journal writing back into my own life.
Stephanie McWhirter
Thank you for the wonderful writing assignments.....thought provoking comments......and laugh out loud moments! Many of these writing gems of yours have helped me "mine" some of my own for this year! Put on your hard hats kids.......WRITING WORK ZONE AHEAD!
Loretta Fahey
Course Evaluations:
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