Boys and Literacy

3 Semester hours :: Learn about boys, their nature, learning styles and brain development to create a boy-friendly literacy environment, good for boys, and good for girls, too!
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Learn about boys and what motivates boys to read. Review the research literature about boys, their learning style, their brain growth development, the role of hormones and developmental differences between boys and girls to gain insights about the nature of boys. Verify the research through outside reading, interviews, observations, and writing exercises that will help you get to know boys and how they learn. Make a collection of boy-friendly literature and become familiar with it through reading and writing exercises. You will leave this class with the content and knowledge about boys to create a boy-friendly literacy environment, good for boys, and good for girls, too!


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Course Testimonials:
I enjoyed every minute of my research, writing, reflection, and application. What a wonderful use of my time and money. Excellent!! Thank you!!
Anne Swenson Graham
Throughout the course of this class I was surprised how much I learned about boys, their development, the differences between boy’s and girl’s learning styles and how to facilitate successful forms of teaching for boys…I look forward to seeing the application of this class within the classroom and with the boys I work with in school. It will be interesting to see if their success can be measured with simple changes and applications to make the literary world more accessible and applicable to them.
Alexzandra Carlson Tooker
I would strongly encourage that Going with the Flow: How to Engage Boys and Girls in their Literacy Learning be incorporated as required reading. It offered really tangible "steal-able" lesson plans and reflection activities. I also really loved the list of texts and boy-friendly authors you provided as a bibliography of resources. I hadn't heard of many of them and I'm really open now to whole new worlds of literature which makes me really excited. Thank you also for encouraging visual texts and forcing me to read more graphic novels. It's not my preferred mode, but I found a great deal of enjoyment and future reading for my students and my son. This was a truly great learning experience. Thanks.
Judea Franck
I just want to thank you so much for the deep feedback you have provided and all of the suggested reading. I have never had an instructor who did that…ever. I have hung to every word you have said and printed off each email response and added them to my notebook for this class. They will serve as a great reference in future planning and literacy adventures.
Chris Johnson
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