Book Study: “Opening Minds: Using Language to Change Lives” by Peter Johnston

1 Semester hours :: In this book study course of the required text,"Opening Minds: Using Language to Change Lives" by Peter Johnson, learn the language you can use to actively engage students’ learning through productive talk. The results are powerful, immediate and supported by research. Meets Common Core State Standards in Speaking and Listening.
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In this book study course, read the required text, Opening Minds: Using Language to Change Lives (2012) by Peter Johnston, which describes the power of a dialogic classroom where students are actively engaged in productive talk through the language of dynamic learning – the language that focuses on “the more you know, the smarter you get.” In this book study course, read closely and apply the language of dynamic learning to any content area, any curriculum, K-12 and any social setting.  Read and apply the simple words and phrases that center on the process of learning rather than the traits of the learner.  Notice how students light up as their thinking and perceptions are valued, and recognize that what they do and have to say matters to the learning community of the classroom and beyond. Learn how to shape students’ learning, that opens their minds to possibility, builds self-esteem, and social consciousness. Discover how “Sometimes a single word changes everything.”(2)

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