Colorado State University Online

Division of Continuing Education

Colorado State University offers graduate credit for12 of the courses offered through College Courses Online.
  • Creative Journaling (3 cr. hrs.)
  • Good Books, Good Authors (3 cr. hrs.)
  • Read Aloud! (1,2 or 3 cr. hrs.)
  • Time to Read (3 cr. hrs.)
  • Time to Read: Professional Development (3 cr. hrs.)
  • Improving Writing Skills through Writing Family Histories (3 cr. hrs.)
  • Improving Writing Skills through Autobiographical Application (3 cr. hrs.)
  • Self-Care & Renewal (1 or 2 cr. hrs.)
  • Book Study: Opening Minds: Using Language to Change Lives (1 cr. hr.)
  • Book Study: Text Complexity: Raising Rigor in Reading (1 cr. hr.)
  • Using Picture Books, K-12 (3 cr. hrs.)
  • Using Nonfiction to Motivate Reading and Writing (3 cr. hrs.)

Registration Directions

  • Register for your course(s) FIRST with College Courses Online Store.
  • $360 per Course. $120 for Book Study Course. Register anytime.
  • Upon course completion, request the CSU registration form and instructions from Dr. Anne.
  • Graduate credit is $59 per semester credit hour paid to Colorado State University Online Division of Continuing Education. AS OF FALL 2017, CSU PRICE WILL BE $61 PER CREDIT HOUR.
  • Courses on your transcript from CSU will reflect the prefix EDUC.
  • Be sure to check if your grade is posted BEFORE ordering a transcript. Set up your RAM account here:
  • After your grade is posted for your completed course you may order a transcript from CSU

A great way to earn graduate credit for your professional development course work!