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Course and Registration Information

College Courses Online participants can receive graduate-level professional development credit through Brandman University. These credits are not part of a degree program but instead are primarily used for professional advancement such as salary increment and recertification. Please visit Brandman University information page.

  • EDLU 9661     On Writing: Writing for the Writer and Non-Writer (3 cr. hrs.)
  • EDLU 9884     Teacher as Researcher (3 cr. hrs.)
  • EDLU 9662     Writing Strategies for Boys! Good for Girls, too (3 cr. hrs.)
  • EDLU 9885      Boys and Literacy (3 cr. hrs.)
  • EDLU 9886      Making Sense of the Common Core (3 cr. hrs.)
  • EDLU 9946      Read Like a Writer: Collecting Mentor Texts to Use with Your Writing Program (3 cr. hrs.)
  • EDUU 9791     Dealing with Conflict and Confrontation (3 cr. hrs.)

Registration Process

  • Register for your course(s) FIRST with College Courses Online Store.
  • $360 per Course. $120 for Book Study Course. Register anytime.
  • The Registration link and course requirements for follow up course work are available at:
  • Graduate-level professional development credit is $70 per semester credit hour paid to Brandman University.
  • Once you’ve successfully registered with Brandman University, you will receive an initial confirmation of registration email with details on how to activate your Brandman student account. You will need to activate your account to order transcripts.
  • Your course completion and grade will be provided by the Adventures in Education staff at Brandman University.


  • Once grades are posted and credits have been awarded, a final confirmation email with details on how to order your Brandman student transcript will be sent to you so please read these instructions thoroughly.
  • Please feel free to call the Brandman office at 1-800-632-0094 or contact us via Questions with any questions about the online registration process, work submission or ordering transcripts.