Online Courses…it’s better than you think!

It’s popular. It’s hip and with it, but not every teacher looking for professional development is excited to take an “online” course. Even when you suggest the advantages of saving time, money, travel, or say things like, “You can stay home in your pajamas,“ or cajole with not having to go out in the dark on a snowy night after a busy school day to get to class, they still resist.  You might be one of those teachers.  If you are, read on.

At College Courses Online we thought long and hard about the kind of professional development we would like to take if we had to take on online course.  We considered if I have to earn credits and I have to spend my hard-earned money, what do I want to take? We came up with meaningful, practical, applicable, worth-our-money-and- time type content learning courses that we can take into the classroom and apply tomorrow.   We want easy to digest and useful assignments, things we would choose to do, not have to do. We wanted a simple delivery system, not complicated and frustrating to figure out learning platforms. More than anything, we wanted personal feedback.  We really want interaction with adults. So when our business transitioned from Dr. Anne Goiran & Associates and we moved from a face-to-face setting to College Courses Online, offering distance learning professional development for teachers K-12 through independent studies online, we wanted to create that same experience – professional growth with a personal touch. And we did.

We created blockbuster courses that are delivered to you online as an eBook.  What can be simpler than that? You can annotate, underline and keep your eBook.  You can book mark it and go backward or forward through numbered pages. You don’t even have to be in WiFi  area to read or work on an online course from College Courses Online. We want you to be able to get right to work on your course, or plan your time to best suit your needs. We want you to have lots of choices on your assignments and readings.  We created flexibility in how you send your course work to us. You can send in your work for the course assignment by assignment or all at once. Our hallmark is our personal response to you. When teachers send us work, they send it to us by email or on a Word doc and some teachers like to experiment with using Goggle docs. We don’t care how you send us your work.  We care that taking an online course is easy and simple for you where you can gain professional learning that is meaningful to YOU and have fun doing it.

“Online” at College Courses Online doesn’t mean you have to learn how to navigate a learning system or create a password and user name and wander through pages of exercises and wonder if you can ever get back to the beginning. They didn’t call it a “web” for nothing!  We designed our process to have the friendliness and product reliability of Starbucks, and the course delivery speed of an eBook from Amazon. We want you to feel the process is effortless, easy, and energizing. At College Courses Online we don’t ask you to learn to figure out another e-tool or create an online presence or post, post, post – meaningfully, mind you. We don’t ask you to be deep, or philosophical and be sure to connect with three other people every week in qualitative ways.You can if you want to, but you don’t have to. At College Courses Online we truly believe that quality outweighs quantity, so short thoughtful, responses may be more pertinent than l-o-n-g, meet the three page requirement responses. Theses courses are for YOU, not for us.  It isn’t what we want; it’s what you want for your professional development.  We are here to celebrate your joy for lifelong learning, your quest for new ideas. We are here to support you in your professional growth needs by offering you high-quality graduate level courses that we would take ourselves.  We designed the courses, got them approved through nationally accredited institutions for continuing education graduate credit to meet requirements for relicensing, salary increment, and endorsements in a content area, and correlated the course content to meet state standards and the Common Core State Standards. We learned a great deal and had fun doing the research while developing the content and choosing assignments we thought were practical and useful to educators K-12.  We know we’ve accomplished our mission when at the end of the course you tell us you feel pumped and can’t wait to get into the classroom to try out some of these ideas. We are tickled that you tell us you’ll be back for more. We always enjoy seeing you again!

Try us.  We think you’ll like our idea of “online” at College Courses Online.

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