College Courses Online + Nationally Accredited Universities: How does a Partnership Serve YOU and your Professional Development Needs?

College Courses Online is a course provider of independent study graduate level courses delivered to you online partnered with nationally accredited universities who provide graduate level credit, partnered with YOU, the teacher / educator to help you meet your professional development needs. How does this partnership relationship serve you?

It offers you CHOICE.

Choose graduate level independent study courses that are personally and professionally relevant to you. No requirements. No pre-requisites. No application to be admitted to a graduate program. No wait time for a semester to start.

Choose to earn graduate credit (graded/transcript) or CEU (non-graded, transcript) through a nationally accredited university (additional fees apply) partnered with College Courses Online, or request a free Certificate of Completion from College Courses Online (the certificate reflects hours in Carnegie Units (15 hrs. =1 credit) at the completion of your course work.

Choose a prefix for Reading and Writing courses to meet “Highly Qualified” in English. Please check with the nationally accredited university partnered with College Courses Online to view your options.

Choose when to start your course. You can register today and start today. Finish your course work as quickly or slowly as you like; take up to a year from your date of registration or finish in weeks. It is up to you.

Choose where to do your course work. Course materials are sent to you as electronic pdf’s, just like the ebooks you order for your Kindle. (You may also choose to order a print version of the text.) Take your course anywhere you are and upload your responses when you are in a Wi-Fi area. You are free to work on your course anywhere, anytime. There are no learning platforms to figure out, no deadlines to meet, no discussion groups to schedule or check into, and no formal exams. Flexibility and a focus on supporting you is our mission.

Choose your time to work on the course. The course is self-paced and independent.  Work on it when it is convenient for you – early morning, late at night, on the go with your smart phone or electronic notepad. Your schedule and time is yours to manage.

Choose how to complete your assignments. Though there are written guidelines for length, we want the focus to be on what is good for you.  We believe quality outweighs quantity. Teachers write us and say, “Is this what you want?”  Though we understand this question might reflect previous graduate level experience, we usually encourage you to focus on what’s good for you and your professional development. Taking charge of your learning is encouraged in our partnership.

Choose assignments.  We’ve made every attempt to provide you with high quality graduate level courses that are practical, relevant and affordable, the kind of courses we’d like to take if we were still in the classroom. Each course has some element of choice; choice in outside reading, choice in assignment, and even choice in how you do your assignments. The courses are designed with YOU in mind.   Make them yours.  We invite you to participate in creating meaningful and relevant experiences by submitting ideas for any assignment you would prefer to do in a different way. Just contact us and discuss your options.  We are delighted when you take charge of your professional development. We want this experience to be worth your money and your time.  That is what this is all about – a mutually beneficial partnership!

Choose to take courses without being in the classroom. You don’t have to have a classroom to complete your course work and for any assignment that asks for engagement with others, we suggest engaging colleagues, spouses, children, friends, and neighbors. The choice is yours.   We want the courses to be meaningful to YOU no matter what your circumstances. You have to satisfy professional development requirements to maintain your teaching license. At College Courses Online, we aim to make the “have to” a “choose to”.

Choose how you want to work on your course.  Work independently or create more interaction.   We invite you create a dialogue with your instructor. Send us responses to assignments, questions, or comments by email. We will always answer you. Sometimes you might get a response written in the middle of the night, and sometimes we answer you on weekends and holidays. We are big advocates of feedback.  We’ve taken professional development courses, too, and didn’t get any feedback. Sad.  We made a commitment that no matter what, even when we were up to our eyeballs in projects that feedback is our most important activity in our partnership with you.

Choose when to turn in your assignments. You can do it all at once or in parts and pieces.  All we ask of you is to keep track of your the course requirements, what’ve you have done and what still needs to be done.

Our goal is to offer you more choices in high-quality professional development. To build an even better partnership – we are working on partnering with more nationally accredited universities; developing more cutting edge courses to meet your personal and professional needs; and inviting more master teachers to join our team as instructors. We are dedicated to offering YOU professional growth with a personal touch. But our partnership means nothing without you. So, come join us! We look forward to working with you.

Anne Goiran Bevelhimer, Ed D
Founder / Instructor
College Courses Online

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