2015 Goals for College Courses Online

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College Courses Online offers online independent study professional development courses for educators K-12 with graduate credit from nationally accredited universities. We help teachers earn the credit they need to renew their teaching license, move up the salary scale, and recharge their personal and professional well-being.

College Courses Online has been on the web since 1997, with first page presence on Goggle until 2013 when Goggle changed its parameters. The goal for College Courses Online in 2015 is to find efficient and effective ways to connect with the 4 million educators, K-12 across the nation, to let teachers know that College Courses Online is the place to come to take high quality online independent study courses that are not only practical and meaningful but also personally and professionally relevant. We pride ourselves in developing a one to one relationship with each teacher through out his or her course work, corresponding by email throughout the teaching/ learning process. Course work is flexible to meet individual’s needs, and collaboration between the instructor and student is encouraged!

At the end of the course we provide narrative feedback and offer choices in end documents. Transcripts and grades are available from the nationally accredited universities associated with College Courses Online or a student may request a Certificate of Completion from College Courses Online.

We have designed a program that is easy to use, affordable and flexible. Our motto is “College Courses Online with a personal touch.” We know how important it is in a virtual reality world to create relationships that are personally and professionally meaningful. From our 17 years of experience online, we know that once a teacher takes a course from College Courses Online, they often come back for more! Testimonials attest to the value of the course work and the relationships developed between instructor and student. In 2015, it is our goal to find a way to connect with educators, K-12, across the nation to let them know that College Courses Online is here for YOU.  Check us out! http://www.collegecoursesonline.com

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